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Insurance Buyers Guide for Exporting from the UK to the USA. What do I need to know?

In our increasingly complex and litigious business world all prudent businesses need to focus on their core business risks and be able to access quality advice from independent professional as the need arises. This is particularly relevant to businesses exporting products to the United States of America (USA) from the United Kingdom. Business culture in the USA is very much about ‘litigate now, ask questions later’.

If you export goods to the USA or Canada, it may be that you can incorporate cover within your manufacturers insurance policy

If you are a UK business and sell products to clients in the USA or Canada, standard product liability insurance is not likely to cover you if your product is deemed to have caused damage or injury. The resulting lawsuit could be extremely costly, and this is where specialist USA Product Liability Insurance is essential.

While there are many challenges around arranging USA export cover, they are certainly not impossible. USA Protect can provide an insurance policy that gives you with peace of mind and the correct product liability protection when exporting to North America.

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