Exporting to the USA during the Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic

At the start of this decade, the Chinese Government notified the world that a new virus known today as COVID-19 was spreading from human to human. Since that time, Coronavirus has rapidly spread throughout the world with hundreds of thousands of people being infected and sadly dying from the disease.

Can you still export to the USA during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

While exports across the world have slowed due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, freight ports and airports across the USA remain operational. The transport industry is key to supporting global infrastructure through this pandemic, and as such, warehouse staff and drivers, are considered ‘key workers’ which means exports can still happen.

This unprecedented set of circumstances have, and are likely to continue to significantly disrupt normal ways of life and businesses whilst Governments and public health experts work around the clock try and contain the pandemic. The unavoidable declines in trade will also no-doubt have painful consequence financially.

If your company has not undertaken a pandemic risk assessment it should make this a priority.

The COVID-19 crisis highlights the need for businesses who export products to update their Business Continuity Plan with an emphasis on reaching demands of clients and a change in supply chain expectations. Having a relevant business continuity plan in place is good business practice for all businesses.

 Make sure it is adaptable to a potential virus-related situation – some of the issues you may need to think about are supply chains, employees (key workers) and cashflow.

Help and support if your business has been affected by the UK Government enforced lockdown due to COVID-19

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USA Product Liability Insurance

We would remind businesses who continue to export to the USA or Canada, that the same product liability applies and laws are different to other parts of the world.

All exporters to the USA will need insurance cover whatever they are doing, it’s an essential part of your business and protects your assets whether it is just whilst stock is being moved or if you have a full manufacturing business. USA Protect can provide an insurance policy that gives you with peace of mind and the correct product liability protection when exporting to North America. Insurance cover should enable you to fulfil your business’s ambitions and make the most of opportunities – not prevent you from doing so.

There is no set timescale on the lockdown which is causing significant change to normal life and businesses whilst the UK Government try to contain this pandemic. Exports are still happening and rest assured it’s business as usual here. If you have any questions relating to product liability insurance cover specifically for exports to the USA and Canada please contact us on 01623 889530