Product Liability Insurance for technology accessory exports to the USA

Product Liability Insurance for technology accessory exports to the USA

Specialist product liability insurance for manufacturers and distributors of technology accessories being exported to the USA is now available to best protect this growing sector.

Do not assume that a UK policy can just be extended to cover the USA. We can provide tailored Product Liability Insurance advice for technology exports that are exported to the USA.

Technology Accessories Insurance

Many insurers will not cover the product liability of all technology products being exported to the USA due to the high risk nature of such products and litigious society comprising of 50 states but 51 insurance jurisdictions, each with different rules, regulations and exposures.

A defective product for example that causes injury can result in a product liability legal claim against either the manufacturer, distributors or importers.

The type of products we are able to arrange specialist product liability cover for include (but not limited to):

Cameras and other photographic equipment
Computer equipment
Communication equipment
Electronic components
Mobile phone accessories
Wearable technology

All exporters to the USA will need insurance cover whatever they are doing, it’s an essential part of your business and protects your assets whether it is just whilst stock is being moved or if you have a full manufacturing business.

In the USA, a defective product that causes injury can result in a lawsuit against any party that moves the product through the supply chain. Product Liability Insurance protects manufacturers, distributors, exporters and retailers when the sale of a defective or faulty product results in bodily injury or property damage to a consumer or other member of the public. Legal expenses cover is also provided, which can be the most expensive part of a potential lawsuit.


With new products being released every year, our experts will provide insurance recommendations on an individual basis – and not just offer an off-the-shelf package.

With extensive experience helping businesses exporting to the USA obtain the correct product liability insurance, a Real Insurance advisor can provide a quotation specific to the needs of your business on 01623 889530.