About USA Protect

USA Protect is a trading style of Real Insurance Group Ltd an independent UK based commercial insurance broker founded in 1976.

Over many years we have developed a specialty for businesses that sell their products to the USA, these are typically manufacturers, distributors and in more recent times with the rapid growth of the global market place such as Amazon with their Amazon FBA, Fulfilled by Amazon.

USA Protect provides a wide spectrum of insurance products centered around USA Exporters that are based in the UK.

Through our partners in the USA we can arrange cover for subsidiary companies that may have premises, have storage or USA domiciled employees.

Highly Recommend

Literally a business saver when my longstanding insurers baulked at my % of USA & Canada sales. Seriously cannot say how much I appreciate what Mike and Catherine have done. Highly recommend.

Sharon Miller

Our UK insurer partners allow us to place the insurance requirements of businesses of a wide range of products destined for the USA with exports to that territory up to 100%.

With product types as diverse as nutritional supplements, cosmetics, the food and drink sector and technology manufacturers.

Whilst we incorporate a high level of technology within our business, we haven’t forgotten that bespoke insurance needs knowledge and experience. All our staff and advisers have been in the insurance industry for many years, we’re not a call center and don’t rely on what a computer is telling us.

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USA Product Liability

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Manufacturers Insurance