Who needs cover when employees working abroad? 

For UK companies with employees working abroad it can sometimes be a real headache obtaining cover particularly if they live there. If they are a UK domiciled employee then that generally isn’t a problem if they are short trips back and forth, trade shows for example, if they are overseas for much longer periods its prudent to make enquiries with your insurer.

Things can be challenging when a UK business employs people local to say their sales office. In the UK for instance there is Employers Liability which is compulsory insurance. In the USA the nearest equivalent is Workers Compensation should the employee be injured in their course of work.

Providing Insurance for overseas employees

We provide a wide range of insurance cover for businesses that export to the USA and Canada, sometimes there may be a sales office locally in the region, a sister company or a subsidiary.  Cover for these will not be available in the UK and would usually have to be placed in that particular country. This type of cover us usually better placed with a broker in the USA, they are better placed to provide the advice needed particularly as laws differ state by state.

As a specialist broker for businesses that send their goods to the USA or Canada, our US partners can arrange the insurance you need there.

Why choose Real Insurance for my Overseas employee insurance?

Managing any form of business that exports to the USA or Canada can be a challenge. Whether you run an online business, you import goods from the middle east directly to the US or you manufacture your own range of products for this market.

Ignorance as the saying goes can be bliss but getting the correct type of insurance for selling your products in the USA is essential, it really is a part of your insurance program that needs to be understood.

Selling products in this part of the world does come with its risk, we understand the covers required, we can help you through the minefield of policy wordings and additional covers that are not common in the UK insurance market.

Why not speak to us today and see what we can offer for employees working overseas ?

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