What is Marine Cargo Insurance?

Marine Cargo Insurance protects property as it moves from its origin to its destination passing through various ports and means of transit including temporarily stored at various locations throughout its journey.

Who is Marine Freight insurance for?

We cover many of our clients Marine Cargo Insurance requirements, covering their products at origin right through to delivery at their customers premises whether they are manufacturers, distributors, exporters or importers, we also provide cover for companies that ship from their supplier in the Far East, China or other parts of the world directly to customers in the USA including the likes of Amazon FBA for instance without touching the UK.

Marine Cargo insurance is for any business that imports, or exports its goods overseas. When goods are being shipped around the world there is always risk of loss, so it’s essential that to have the right Marine Cargo cover in place to protect these goods against the risks they face.

The journey your goods take could be by various means of transport, by haulier from your premises or the place of manufacture, by boat through treacherous seas and by rail through other countries, all the time being exposed to risks such as theft, accidents or collisions, fires and in some circumstances even falling overboard on a cargo ship.

Having cargo insurance in place for these eventualities is an essential part of your business protection, after all you could have tens of thousands of pounds of products at risk, we can help you find the best cargo insurance cover to protect your business needs.

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What does Marine Cargo Insurance cover?

A marine cargo insurance policy provides very wide cover, it can provide cover for your goods in transit between your premises in the UK or elsewhere in the world to its final destination where ever that may be.

It is often thought that a marine cargo insurance policy just covers goods whilst they are on the water, in fact its much wider than this, they can be by covered whilst in containers on road transport, whilst on a vessel on the water, by rail and also whilst they are in the air.

Your stock or merchandise can also be insured when temporarily stored in warehouses whilst on their journey to their final destination as this is still part of the journey.

What cover is required to protect goods in transit

As a UK exporter sending your products to North American or Canada is no different to many other parts of the world. What cover is required really does depend on the type of agreements that you have with your customers, at Real Insurance we can tailor your marine insurance around these agreements.

You may have seen abbreviations such as FOB and CIF, these are usually known as incoterms and are important, these state the responsibilities of the exporter or the importer, common examples are FOB meaning Free on Board and CIF being Cost Insurance and Freight, there are many others that describe the responsibility of each party and where insurance cover starts and where it ends.

Marine Cargo Insurance

Why deal with Real Insurance Group for your Marine Cargo Insurance?

As an exporter, whether that is to the USA, Canada or Worldwide, Marine Cargo Insurance usually forms part of your overall programme of insurance. Whether you are a manufacturer or a distributor or you are selling via Amazon on their Amazon FBA programme cover for the product whilst in transit on its voyage from origin to destination is essential.

Marine Cargo Insurance is cover that starts to join all the pieces together protecting your goods wherever they may be, at your premises and in transit to your customer.

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