Why have insurance partners in the USA? 

For many companies based in the UK operating from their business premises is sufficient for their purposes, whilst there may be exports to the USA or Canada it makes up only part of heir sales with the remainder sold either in the UK or the rest of the world.

For businesses that go that one step further and set up a sales office, a warehouse have sister company there or perhaps a subsidiary insuring those entities from the UK is no longer an option and cover needs to be obtained in that country for which the business is based.

This can be a challenge, do you just pick a broker somewhere in the USA, how do you know they will look after your interest there, what experience do they have with dealing with overseas companies to place their insurance requirements, do they understand your products and the laws of the varying states?

Why have separate insurance in the USA?

Although the types of insurance cover you need in the USA or Canada is very similar to the UK when a business is domiciled in the local country then insurance, particularly certain types of liability insurance such as Workers Compensation which is similar to the UK’s Employers Liability needs to be purchased locally.

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What do our US partners do

As you would expect they know the insurance market and the applicable state laws to place your insurance requirements.

Once your permission has been obtained to pass on your details to them they will make contact with you, and as long as you are happy that we can openly discuss your requirements we dovetail the business requirements in the UK with those in the USA ,we work together to ensure that your UK business, its liabilities, is products and the cover for their journey to the US are protected

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What type of insurance is available

Insurance covers available are very similar to those we have here in the UK.

Designed for the small business there are policies called BOPS, these are effectively known as a Business Owners Policy, very similar to what would be a Commercial Combined in the UK. These policies cover the Machinery, Fixtures, Fittings, the Business Liability insurance such as Public & Product Liability, and of course the essential Workers Compensation.

Vehicle Insurance is available as it is in the UK to cover the business cars, vans and the larger commercial vehicles.

Exposure to litigation in North America is as you would expect high, taking action against the business owner is commonplace. Insurance cover is like in the UK covering wrongful acts of the Directors or Officers, this is essential cover and should not be overlooked, whether in the UK or or the USA.

Just like here, there is the basic Directors & Officers (D&O), Employment Practices Liability as well as Fiduciary Liability and Crime.

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Why choose Real Insurance and their Partners in the USA for insurance? 

Managing any form of business that exports to the USA or Canada can be a challenge, but having a physical presence there comes with its own set of obstacles to be navigated.

Having a broker in the USA that is trusted and can not only place your insurance requirements there, they can also provide much wider advice about different state laws and statutes, something a provider not in the US is able to do.

Dealing with us and our partners provides a joined-up approach to your insurance requirements.

Why not speak Real Insurance today lets get your UK business working with the needs you may have you’re your premises and liabilities in the USA or Canada?